Milwaukee Survive Alive House

Fire Education Center

Learning Objectives

Students will learn about:

The importance of working smoke detectors in every home; including how to check smoke detector

Dangers of fire in everyday life

Safety measures all families can take

Guides for how to safely escape a fire; stay low, feel and check doors for fire,  alert family

How to contact 911

Information on carbon monoxide detectors

Other information on fire education and safety



Effective February 1, 2011, ALL one and two family buildings including owner occupied buildings will be required to have CO detectors in accordance with Wisconsin's new Carbon Monoxide Detector Law.

Three families and larger buildings in Wisconsin that have attached garages or “fuel burning devices” –gas heat, oil heat, gas dryers, gas stoves etc. had a similar law become effective last April.  

CO detectors must be within 75 feet of all fuel burning device and within 15′ of each bedroom. One is required in the basement if there is a “fuel burning device” down there. They are also required in common hallways spaced no more than 75′.

Battery and plug in units are okay. Mount them on the ceiling or wall.

Please see the links tab   above for more information, CO law links.