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The Milwaukee Fire Education Center

The Milwaukee Fire Education Center’s Survive Alive House is located at 2059 S. 20th Street. The House opened its doors in 1992, and each year over 13,000 Milwaukee children visit it to learn how to survive in the event of an actual home fire.

The Survive Alive House uses the Be Sure to Be Safe (besafeplan.htm)  program to teach the safe way to escape from a burning building. The Milwaukee Fire Department, Milwaukee Public Schools Division of Recreation and Community Services operate the House jointly. MFD staff  and MPS work together to operate the program. Capital improvements and certain operating expenses are provided by donations to The Foundation For The Milwaukee Fire Education Center. 

Between 1987 and 1991, 68 children lost their lives in fires. Seventeen of those children were between the ages 7 and 17. After opening its doors in 1992, the number of fire fatalities for the target age group dropped dramatically. Continuing fire safety education is essential to eliminating all fire fatalities.



Effective February 1, 2011, ALL one and two family buildings including owner occupied buildings will be required to have CO detectors in accordance with Wisconsin's new Carbon Monoxide Detector Law.

Three families and larger buildings in Wisconsin that have attached garages or “fuel burning devices” –gas heat, oil heat, gas dryers, gas stoves etc. had a similar law become effective last April.  

CO detectors must be within 75 feet of all fuel burning device and within 15′ of each bedroom. One is required in the basement if there is a “fuel burning device” down there. They are also required in common hallways spaced no more than 75′.

Battery and plug in units are okay. Mount them on the ceiling or wall.

Please see the links tab   above for more information, CO law links


Summer Reading Program

The Survive Alive House would like to encourage kids to participate in the summer reading program please check out this link to find out more information!!


January 29, 2020

Mobile Survive Alive House   

Through a generous grant of $95,000 from the Pieper Power Community Foundation we were able to purchase a new Mobile Survive Alive House. This is a very unique unit because it was built from our own specifications, the design and...

March 20, 2016

In 2010, the number of fire related deaths reached an all-time low. It's a statistic the Milwaukee Fire Department is feeling pretty good about.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett stopped by the downtown fire station to shake hands with his city's firefighters. He says, "The C...

January 3, 2014

On January 3, 2011, Alysia Leach knew what to do when the dryer in her home caught on fire. While examining the damage from the fire, Alysia's mother Michelle McGee began to wonder how her little girl knew what to do. The child says she knew what to do, because she wen...

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