Tour the Survive Alive House

Survive Alive Foyer:

  Display of fire burned toys

 Display of Fire Fighting Gear

 Students start the program in the classroom.

This portion of the program teaches the students the Be Sure to Be Safe steps. The entire program is taught by Milwaukee Fire Department Fire Fighters

The program is presented to the students with our new television monitors

Everything the students will experience in the bedrooms is explained during the presentation

Every family should have an escape plan.

Firefighters put on and explain all their gear to the students

After first part of classroom is completed the group will move out the the benches to participate in the street scene portion of the program

At Survive Alive, the light post is our "meeting" place.


This is the front porch and entry way into the fire simulation house.

From the benches the students are able to observe their classmates going through the fire simulation on the television broadcasts of each room

We practice our "fire escapes" at "night" because most fire injuries happen when people are sleeping.

Inside the house their are two (2) identical simulated bedrooms the students use to practice. 



Students checking doors for heat and fire.

Staying low to avoid the smoke.

There are 9 fire effect lights and 3 smoke machines used during the simulations.



Student using window to escape from bedroom with a fire escape ladder.


Students are assisted by firefighters inside and outside the bedroom.


If trapped, students are taught to wave a sheet or blanket out the window to make them more visible.

They could also throw stuffed animals or pillows to alert rescuers to their location.

After escaping from the house, one person from the group,  uses the pay phone to call 911.



Q & A Review Session

After all students have entered and escaped the house, the students return to the classroom for additional instruction, review and question and answer session. 



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