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Director's Welcome

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The Survive Alive House is a joint endeavor with the Milwaukee Fire Department and Milwaukee Public Schools' Division of Recreation and Community Services.

The Survive Alive House is designed to teach 2nd thru 5th grade students fire safety and prevention techniques. Students visit the Survive Alive House for a fire prevention program that lasts approximately 90 minutes. During students’ visit at the Survive Alive House, they have classroom training as well as hands-on practical training. The program is designed for children in 2nd through 5th grades (ages 7-12). A minimum of 20 and a maximum of 65 students may attend a session.  We operate two (2) programs each school day; one starting at 9:00 am and another at 11:00 am. Programs last approximately 90 minutes.  

The program is open to any school or group in the city of Milwaukee during the regular school calendar year. Schools and groups are responsible for providing their own transportation.

We have limited appointments available during the summer, there is a fee to attend during the summer months, please call or email for availability. 

Director of Survive Alive House Lieutenant Carlos Velázquez Sánchez




Fire Chief Aaron D. Lipski

Board Member

Nicol (Nick) Padway


Board Member

Nicole Sponholtz

Vice President

Assistant Chief Joshua E. Parish


William Mokros

Board Member

Deputy Chief Travis Jones

Board Member

Dr. Marlene Melzer

Board Member

Alderman Mark Borkowski

Board Member

Stacey Witters

Board Member

Neil Boettcher

Board Member

Board Member

Katie Horrigan
Jacqueline M. Mann
Office Manager
Ramona Santiago
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